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Vrlo lako do sajta u samo par koraka:

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✓ Prenesete nam Vaše vizije o izgledu budućeg sajta

✓ Konsultacije u vezi odabira domena, palete boja i sadržaja

✓ Izrada u najkraćem roku

✓ Vaš sajt je spreman da odgovori svim potrebama

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Advantages of having a website

Statistics show that 44% to 51% of small and medium enterprises do not have a website. For small businesses that want to expand their business and get new customers, or even just keep existing ones, having a website is extremely important.

Because as a small business in Montenegro you will not encounter a lot of competition, a good site optimization will help you to be at the top of the search for your business in a short time.

Digitalni marketing podgorica

Why digital marketing?

For a long time, good service or a quality product is not enough for business success, but also good marketing. If you don't have a website nowadays, there is a good part of the market that will not consider you a professional option for business cooperation (this is the attitude of 80% of people).

The preconceived notion that digital marketing requires a lot of money has long since been dispelled. Digital marketing raises the game to the next level, enabling small and medium-sized businesses to compete with the "big players" in the market.

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We decided on Anart primarily because of the extremely affordable price of creating and maintaining the site, but also because of the design itself, which was offered based on our needs and the ideas we had. From the very beginning, a large number of our future users, their relatives, and other interested parties say that the site is modern, easy to navigate, and easy to find information. Already 15 days after the activation of the site, the number of people who contacted us, who became interested in accommodation thanks to the content of the site, increased. Employees from Anart regularly update the website of the House, publish all news and do so in the shortest possible time. That is why all site visitors can regularly follow all the activities of our Institution and be timely informed about developments. It is important to note that the employees of Anarta are approachable, very cooperative, and ready to listen to all wishes and give suggestions so that your website can adequately present your work.

Jelena Šofranac, director JU Dom starih "Podgorica"